Hybrid Event: Changing the way we see disability

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Event poster

Event poster

The Social Welfare Service of the University of Patras organizes an event entitled “Changing the way we see disability“, on the 6th of June.

We were motivated to organize the event because we feel that there is a necessity to change our perspective towards the way we see disability and the way we talk about it.

The social model for disability, as opposed to the medical model which states that disability is a problem of the person who needs to be treated, seeks to change society so that People with Disabilities live equally within it, as the problem arises by the society itself and the way its members interact.

The event is free of charge and will take place on the 6th of June at 16:00 at the Library and Information Center of the University of Patras, Events Hall on the 1st floor. There will be also the opportunity to watch the event on live streaming.

The event is submitted as an activity for the European Year Of Youth 2022

For more info, please visit the following link:

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