Purpose – Objective

The Social Care Service of the University of Patras, was funded within the framework of the Action “Support Social Care Interventions of Students of the University of Patras” which is co-financed by National and Transnational Resources.

The main purpose of the action is to strengthen the Social Care Structures of the University of Patras and to support students from Sensitive / Vulnerable social groups. At the same time, the purpose of the action is to provide equal education, opportunities and accessibility to all students of the University of Patras.

The action focuses on educational and social integration but also the support of vulnerable social groups in the University community and campus, based on “Equal Education – Accessibility for all”.

Its ultimate goal is to increase the rate of timely completion of the university courses, to reduce academic dropout and last but not least to integrate the vulnerable groups into society and the professional market .

* The Action is part of the Operational Program: “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning”, in priority axis 6 “Improving the Quality and Efficiency of the Education System” which is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ECB).