Our Services

Social Welfare Office

Recording and addressing the needs of students from sensitive – vulnerable groups,
solving their problems and empowering them.

Psychological Support Office

Providing counseling and psychological support to students from sensitive/vulnerable groups, diagnosis and therapeutic services.

Medical Support Office

Support for students with disabilities, especially those with mobility problems or temporary musculoskeletal problems.

Career’s Office

Linking education and the labor market through networking and collaboration with companies, employers and the wider society.

Educational Process Support

Providing equal opportunities to students and also ensuring accessibility throughout the Educational Process.

Accessibility Unit

Providing services that make the educational material accessible to all students without exception.

Transportation of Students with Disabilities

Transportation of students with disabilities, with a specially designed vehicle, to and from the University Community.

Financial support scholarships

Annual financial aid scholarships to undergraduate students up to € 3,000.

Educational Seminars

Organizing training seminars to acquire basic knowledge in matters of support and approach to students from sensitive/vulnerable groups.