Medical Support Office

The Medical Support Office with a Physiatrist and Physiotherapist and is located in the Rehabilitation Clinic of the University General Hospital of Patras.

The office supports students with disabilities and especially those with mobility problems but also students who have temporary musculoskeletal problems or sports injuries due to injury or illness.

The office uses the facilities of the Clinical Rehabilitation of PGNP (Gym, Walking and balance analysis room, therapeutic pool) and provides:

  • Medical background analysis
  • Counseling and Medical Support
  • Improving mobility and restoring normal range of motion
  • Improving motor skills through exercise and strengthening
  • Training the correct gait pattern
  • Improving balance
  • Rise / walk retraining
  • Strengthening of upper / lower limbs
  • Increase Traffic Range
  • Hydrotherapy Pain Reduction
  • Information on treatment progress

* All services are provided free of charge and fully confidential in compliance with applicable laws (GDPR)

Contact information

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 to 15.00
Contact Phone: 2610969696

Medical Support Office Staff

  • Kagelari Aspasia, Physiatrist
  • Pazaridis Chrysostomos, Physiotherapist