Career’s Office

The Career’s Office is addressed to all students and graduates of the University of Patras and is the link between education and the labor market, through the development of communication channels, networking and cooperation with companies, employers and society at large.

More specifically, the office organizes and implements events in collaboration with institutions and provides consulting services and specialized information for the planning and proper preparation of the careers of students and graduates.

Special care is given to the provision of equal opportunities to socially vulnerable groups of students and graduates with the aim of their smooth integration into the educational community, the timely completion of their studies and their equal access to the labor market.

The support of University students as well as those belonging to the Socially Vulnerable Groups is a necessity, especially today given the multidimensional economic crisis and its effects on education, work and society. The Liaison Office serves this purpose.

The Career’s Office provides:

  • Professional counseling and direct support services to students regarding their studies (individual and group counseling, teleconsultation, support for students with disabilities)
  • Detection of skills, interests and personal characteristics
  • Information for undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Job search techniques and career management
  • Job information
  • Organization of thesis writing time
  • CV writing
  • Interview presentation techniques

* All services are provided free of charge, and are fully confidential in compliance with applicable laws (GDPR)

Contact information

Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00 daily
Phone: 2610.969686, 2610.969696
Skype: career_office_upatras

Careers Office Staff

Theodorakopoulos Leonidas, Professional Consultant