Educational Process Support

The Social Welfare Service provides a wide network of services, with the aim of providing equal opportunities to students but also ensuring accessibility throughout the Educational Process:

  1. Communication – Cooperation with the Departments of the University
    In order to support the students, the Social Welfare and the Departments of the University of Patras created three-member Social Welfare Committees consisting of faculty members and administrative staff of each department. For any need or difficulty that arises in the academic course, the three-member Committees cooperate with the Social Welfare to find possible solutions to difficulties that arise in relation to the educational process.
  2. Personalized Action Plans
    In case the Students are presented with difficulties in the Educational Process due to Special Educational Needs (Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD, etc.) or psychosocial difficulties, they can consult Social Welfare in order to record needs and create a personalized program tailored to their needs. The personalized program is created by the Scientific Staff of Social Welfare in collaboration with each student.